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I’ve been craving Indian food for quite a while. I just love all those spicy, hearty, belly warming dishes. And the abundance of plant-based options! Finally, last Saturday my husband and I went to our favorite local Indian restaurant. It’s been too long!


We shared papadums as an appetizer. They’re so crunchy! That red sweet and sour sauce was very tasty, too.


There’s a tomato soup on the menu that we’ve never tried before. Indian tomato soup? I was curious. And it was delicious! Very sweet, and full of mysterious spices. I have no idea what they put in there, but it was really good.


This restaurant offers several different vegetarian main dishes, this time I chose baingan bharta, a creamy eggplant dish. It was just as awesome as I remembered. It’s not spicy, but full of flavor, and topped with crunchy fresh ginger. This dish is also very filling. It is served in a separate pot, accompanied by a huge pile of rice and some naan bread. I had seconds, and thirds, but I couldn’t finish the whole thing.


Last week I received a big loaf of Stollen, traditional German fruit cake, from a friend. It was good, but very sweet.

Considering all the sweet treats I was gifted in the past few weeks, I probably won’t bake any cookies this year. That’s just too much sugar altogether.

What’s your favorite Indian dish?

See you!

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Last Saturday I spontaneously decided to take my husband on a little date to our favorite Indian restaurant. But more on that later, let’s start at the beginning.


Guess what I had for breakfast! Exactly. This time I topped my sandwiches with even more vegetables, as many as I could possibly fit onto my plate. Cucumber slices are awesome. And so are cherry tomatoes.


For lunch I made a big bowl of creamy pasta salad. It was inspired by a recipe I found a while ago on Peachy Palate. I served it with a few chicory leaves. My go-to lettuce is romaine, but I’m trying to mix things up once in a while. Chicory is a little bitter, so it’s surely an acquired taste, but I really like its subtle flavour and crunchy texture.


And finally the highlight of the weekend – dinner! There is a small Indian restaurant not too far from where we live. We’ve eaten there a few times already, and so far everything I ordered was absolutely delicious. What I love about Indian and other Asian restaurants, is that they usually offer many different vegetarian dishes, unlike most German/Bavarian restaurants in our area, where the only meat-free option is either a sad leafy salad or a plate of greasy Käsespätzle (similar to macaroni and cheese). For the record, I hate Käsespätzle! They are way too heavy and fatty and sit in my stomach like a brick for hours.

We were served some papadums (crisp lentil bread) with dips as an appetizer. Surprisingly, the red dip was mild and sweet, and the green one was insanely spicy!


My husband, who has been to India several times, says that the dishes served in that restaurant come very close to authentic Indian food. This time he ordered a spicy veal dish that he enjoyed a lot, and I got a creamy, moderately spicy eggplant dish called baingan bharta. It was served with large strips of fresh ginger on top, and rice and chapati on the side. It was so freaking good!

During our previous visits to that restaurant I got to try their chana masala (spicy chickpeas) and palak paneer (creamy, mild spinach with Indian cheese), which were equally delicious.

Do you like Indian cuisine? What’s your favorite Indian dish?

See you!

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