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While Eat In Month was actually in January, I decided to give it a try in February, because my January was just too crazy. In the end, February turned out to be almost equally crazy. We were out and about a lot, preparing for our big move, looking for a new kitchen and some bathroom furniture, etc.

I ate out a total of four times last month.

The first one was due to a movie date with a friend. The movie theater is in the opposite direction of my apartment, so going home after work would have been a long detour. I had a creamy root vegetable soup at one of my favorite cafés and it was delicious.

The second and the third meal out were each consumed on long kitchen and furniture scouting days. Both were fast food and quite bad. I really shoudn’t eat that stuff. It was disgusting.

The fourth and last meal out was a work lunch. My team mates spontaneously decided to go to our local pizza place, and I just couldn’t say no. The pizza was very good. And huge! I only ate half of it for lunch and ate the other half for dinner.

While I did it out more often than I had planned during this year’s challenge, I also managed to use up a lot of the food in my kitchen. There are only a few odds and ends left, and I also saved a little money thanks to buying less new food. So I’ll call this challenge a semi-success!

This month, eating in will be even more challenging, as I’ll have to live without a full kitchen for a few weeks. I’ll tell you more about my improvised, minimalist kitchen situation after the move.

Did you join the Eat In Month challenge this year? How was it?

See you!

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I think it’s time to update you on what’s been going on in my life lately.


I’ve had some amazing movie dates with my girlfriends. First we watched Coriolanus, a live broadcast of a British stage play straight from London. Yes, that’s a Shakespeare play! Featuring Tom Hiddleston and Mark Gatiss, also known as ‘Loki’ and ‘Mycroft Holmes’. It was an amazing show! Our movie theater was packed, and we were all blown away. The entire cast was simply brilliant.

More information about those theater broadcasts can be found on ntlive.com. I’m kind of excited about King Lear on May 1st.


Next we went out to watch Only Lovers Left Alive. It’s listed as a romance drama vampire film on Wikipedia, but I’m not sure I agree. It’s a rather calm, elegant story with a subtle humor. I highly recommend that movie, but don’t expect it to be like Twilight! Again, our theater was completely sold out, and we were lucky to get seats. Goodness!

We recently got us a pull-up bar! The husband installed it right away and we gave it a try. Surprising to no one, I can’t do a single pull-up. I’m not even close. How humbling. The husband, though, who never ever works out and sits in front of a computer all day long, easily cranked out four perfect pull-ups! Four! Life just isn’t fair.

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last: we are moving! I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I was looking for a new apartment in my hometown, and after searching high and low we found a beautiful place! I’m so happy and excited, but also a little scared. Moving an entire household is a ton of work, and costs a lot of money. In just a few weeks I will be exhausted and broke, but infinitely happy to be back home, where my family and friends live. My hometown is rather small, I admit, but it’s so much better than this tiny village in the middle of nowhere. I guess I’m just not made for country life.

That also means that I need to use up all the food in my pantry and freezer, this time for real. I’m focusing on frozen goods first, as those would definitely melt and go bad during the move.

Any ideas how I could use up frozen spinach, brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower?

See you!

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The Part-Time Vegan

I’ve been a vegetarian since December 2006. Since then my attitude towards food has changed a lot. I wrote more about those changes in my five-year veggie-versary post. During those 5+ years I’ve tried to go vegan several times. Why? First of all, I love and respect animals. All of them. And I don’t want to cause them any harm. Plus, I do believe that a plant-based diet is not only healthier for humans but also better for the environment.


While I do enjoy vegan food a lot, I’ve always found it very hard, almost impossible, to be 100% vegan for more than a few days.

Following a meat-free diet in this part of the world is challenging, in many ways. First of all, I’m surrounded by omnivores, who strongly believe that a vegetarian or even vegan diet is unhealthy, that I’m at the risk of malnutrition, and what not. Some even think that I’m suffering from an eating disorder!

I know a total of two or three people, who are also vegetarians, but we are not close friends. I don’t know any vegans in real life. I know I shouldn’t care what others think or do, but always being the odd one is not fun at all.

Aside from that, I’ve noticed that my biggest challenges are free food and eating out. I love baked goods, especially elaborate birthday or wedding cakes (be still my heart). Unfortunately, none of them are vegan, and they are full of processed sugar and white flour. But they are so freaking delicious!

Plus, I don’t want to be that annoying person at a restaurant, that bombards the waiter or waitress with tons of questions and special orders.

I used to think that if I can’t be 100% vegan, it’s not even worth trying. Recently, I’ve changed my mind about that.


I’m not trying to be perfect anymore! Instead, I’ll eat vegan meals and snacks as often as I can, while allowing myself to follow my cravings. So I may or may not have a piece of non-vegan cake, and I may or may not have some non-vegan ice cream on a hot day, and I may or may not order a pizza with cheese when I’m going out with my friends. I might even have scrambled or hard-boiled eggs when I’m stuck at a hotel where the vegan breakfast options are more than sad.

A few weeks ago I’ve stopped using animals products when preparing my own food, as you can see in some of my WIAW posts. I won’t call this a transitioning phase, as I’m not sure where I’m going. I also won’t call myself a vegan, as I do still occasionally consume foods that contain eggs or dairy. At the moment, I’m about 80 – 90% vegan, and that’s enough for me.

Well, this is where I stand right now. Maybe I’ll be a real vegan one day, maybe I won’t. I don’t know. But I do know that I feel absolutely amazing on a plant-based diet.

How would you describe your diet? Plant-based, paleo, omnivore?

See you!

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