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It’s December! Finally! Isn’t that marvelous? Only four more weeks until Christmas – and a long anticipated two-week break from work. Yay!

My hometown’s Christmas market opened last weekend, and of course I had to be there to kick off the season the proper way.


With mulled wine! The first mug had to be from the Red Cross booth, as every year. Charity and booze, that’s an awesome combo.


Roasted chestnuts are my favorite Christmas market snack. I love them even more than gingerbread, and that says a lot.


After the Christmas market we warmed up at my favorite café in downtown, which is famous for its hot chocolate. This bowl was huge, filled with deliciousness, and topped with a heart. Can’t beat that.


Later that night we watched a movie: The World’s End. It was so funny and even better than I thought. Go watch it now!


Last Thursday, my mother sent me a box of her homemade cookies. Four days later, that box is half empty already. My husband helped me a little, but still I’m totally sugared out now. I regret nothing!

Have you already been to a Christmas market?

See you!


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I’ve had a truly marvelous weekend, so I’d like to join the Marvelous in my Monday party today.

Marvelous is that, after being sick all last week, I’m finally feeling better. I was hit by a nasty cold, and normally I would have stayed at home, but I had to be at an import workshop, so I powered through. I’m surprised I made it. That was rough. My nose is still a little stuffed, but my energy level is almost back to normal.

Marvelous was being lazy all weekend long. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I didn’t leave the house at all for two days, but it was exactly what I needed.


I wasn’t completely lazy, though. I dyed a pair of jeans! A few months ago I bought a beautiful pair of jeans, wore them twice, and got some ugly stains on them that I couldn’t get out. Last weekend I had the brilliant idea to dye them black. And it worked! The seams retained their original orange-ish color, which gives them a nice edge. Can’t wait to wear them again!


Marvelous was also a new food find at the grocery store: hummus trio! That’s three different flavors of hummus: curry, olive, and dried tomatoes. Oh my goodness, they were all so good! And gone within two days. That was truly the best hummus I’ve ever had. (Fellow Germans can find it at Rewe!)

What was marvelous about your weekend?

See you!

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