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I just discovered this new Snapshot Sunday theme over at Peas And Thank You, and I instantly loved the idea.

A few weeks ago, my husband bought me a smart phone (a Samsung Galaxy S II, if anyone cares). I guess he was tired of my constant whining, or something like that. My new phone has a really great camera, and I’ve been having lots of fun with Instagram lately. (My username there is SueInTraining, follow me if you like!)

My snapshot of the day is one for the chocoholics:

Nutella jars

Last Saturday we went to my hometown’s Fall Fair (more on that in my next What I Ate Wednesday post), and at the crêpes booth I saw these 10 lbs jars of Nutella. Holy sugar coma, Batman!

I know that Nutella is full of refined sugar and totally unhealthy, that’s why I don’t buy it anymore, but I have to admit it’s sinfully delicious. Especially on a fresh, warm, soft crêpe. Oh my goodness!

I showed some restraint, though, and didn’t get one of those. This time.

Any Nutella lovers out there? Don’t be shy!

See you!

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