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It’s been a week since I renewed my pledge to have no sweet treats, after a not-so-good weekend. I went without a single piece of chocolate for five days! On friday I had a few chunks of chocolate covered marzipan,  and a small square of dark chocolate yesterday and today. I call that a success.

I realised that I can’t live without sweets forever, so I need to find an approach that works on a longer term. So this is my new strategy:

  • No sweets at work. Only fruit and chocolate soy milk.
  • Avoid processed foods. Home-made baked goods and dark chocolate are fine.

Quite a simple plan. But sometimes simple is better, right? No need to make life even more complicated.

Vegan Chocolate Banana Walnut Muffins

Questions of the day: Could you live without chocolate? Or peanut butter, chips, cake? What’s your ‘food weakness’?

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Sick Days

So it seems I’ve caught a cold on the weekend. Last night I felt so poorly that I decided to call in sick at work today.

The problem is, whenever I’m sick, my cravings are out of control and my willpower is at zero. So I totally busted my No Sweets Challenge. After only three days! We had some guests over, so we made some apple pie and stocked up on chocolate. I ate a lot of both.

Oh well. Despite this major slip-up, I will continue with my challenge. Today I did much better! No pie, no chocolate, just lots of fruit and smoothies. Yeah!

Due to my current condition, I haven’t worked out in the past few days. I guess I’ll take a few more rest days, just to be sure. But I can’t wait to be fit and sweating again.

What are your favorite natural remedies for the common cold?

I try to sleep a lot, drink lots of hot lemon water and tea, and do some camomile inhalations.

See you!

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No Sweets Challenge

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been struggling with my motivation to workout. But unfortunately, that’s not all. Lately my eating habits have been really bad. While I usually do well on the weekends, I tend to snack mindlessly all day long when I’m at work. I’m basically eating my emotions, and even though I’m not an expert in nutrition, I’m sure this is not healthy. So I’ve decided to change my habits.

No ChocolateAfter some more poor food choices on Tuesday, I spontaneously decided to go on a No Sweets Challenge. This means no cookies, chocolate, desserts, or any other sweet treats. That also includes my beloved chocolate covered rice cakes and all home-made baked goods. I only make an exception for chocolate soy milk. This cocoa addicted girl can’t go completely cold turkey. Also, it’s all about “progress, not perfection”, right? 😉

Whenever my sugar cravings are getting unbearable, I have some fresh fruit, like an apple or a banana. Or said chocolate soy milk, but not more than one small box per day, and I will try to phase that out, too.

Honestly, this is HARD!! I don’t know how long I can keep this up, I’m just trying to stick with it as long as I can.

Dang, I so need a smoothie right now!

How do you deal with sugar cravings? Do you ignore them? Or do you give in sometimes?

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