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Last week I did something quite unusual. I went shopping at an organic grocery store! You may roll your eyes now, but this is a very special indulgence for me. Everything there is so expensive! But totally worth it, I admit.

2013-10-25_Organic_ProduceSo much beautiful produce! But I didn’t buy any of that, because my fridge is already way too full.

2013-10-25_Veggie_SpreadInstead, I bought some more shelf stable goodies:

  • roasted soy beans with tamari (salty, nutty, and crunchy)
  • oat cream (less processed than soy cream, I’ll use it for soups)
  • vegetable based sandwich spreads (I’m addicted to that stuff, and there are so many different flavors!)


  • marinated tofu (great on pizza or casseroles)
  • hummus (the best store-bought hummus I’ve ever had!)
  • tofu cream cheese with garlic and herbs (simply amazing!)
  • tofu-based cold cuts (tastes almost like the original)

2013-10-25_Almond_Coconut_ButterOh yes, there’s more:

  • coconut oil (now I can make my favorite raw macaroons again)
  • chocolate hazelnut butter (tastes like Nutella, but even better)
  • almond butter (finally the real thing!)
  • apple and pear butter (no added sugar, only fruit)


I’ve only ever had white almond butter, and was a little disappointed by its taste. Finally, I got to try this darker version, and it just blew my mind. So this is the Amazing Almond Butter that the famous blog ladies have been raving about! My life will never be the same.

2013-10-27_SandwichAnd here are two more new-to-me foods, tofu cream cheese and tofu-based cold cuts (Aufschnitt). That tofu cream cheese is delicious! I couldn’t taste the tofu at all, instead I enjoyed the intense herb and garlic flavor. The tofu slices also taste a lot like the real thing. I actually think their taste is too authentic, too meaty for my vegetarian taste buds.

Usually, I buy all my food at conventional grocery stores. I keep telling everyone who’s asking that a plant-based diet is not necessarily more expensive than an omnivorous one. I mostly rely on fresh, seasonal produce, whole grains, and beans. Those things tend to be rather cheap.

But organic food can be very expensive! And yes, I spent quite a hefty amount of money on that shopping trip. But I firmly believe that occasional treats are healthy for your soul.

Anyways, I’m going to eat very well in the next few weeks.

What was the most expensive food you’ve bought recently?

Me: that almond butter above. Yikes!

See you!

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A Typical Day

I always enjoy reading about other bloggers‘ daily lives and schedules, so I decided to write my own version.

This is what a typical weekday looks like for me:

6:00 am – Get up!

My alarm goes off, I resist the urge to hit snooze, and drag my booty out of bed. I drink a glass of water and start my usual morning routine: taking a quick shower, brushing my teeth, putting in contacts, getting dressed, putting on make-up. Okay, I also check emails, Facebook, Feedly, etc.

7:00 am – Commute to work

I’m not a morning person, so I’m moving rather slowly in the morning. When I finally look kind of presentable, I grab my food (breakfast, lunch, and snacks, all prepared the night before) from the fridge and leave the house.

What I've been reading lately

What I’ve been reading lately

7:30 am – Arrive at work

The first thing I do after arriving at my desk is grabbing a cup of coffee. I eat breakfast while checking work emails. I’m slowly waking up for real. My co-workers know very well that they shouldn’t talk to me before 8 am.

11:30 am – Lunch break

Sometimes I use my lunch break to walk to a nearby grocery store to grab a few things. That’s also a great opportunity to move my legs and get some fresh air. Afterwards, I have lunch with my co-workers at our break room. I still get some strange looks and snarky comments because of the ‘weird rabbit food’ that I eat.

The view from my office is quite nice sometimes

The view from my office is quite nice sometimes

12:30 am – Back to work

More work, more coffee, and some snacks to get me through the afternoon.

5:00 pm – Feierabend!

This is one of my favorite German words. It means ‘end of work/time to party’. 😉

I either run some errands and/or go to the gym after work. I prefer to work out at night, it’s like a treat after sitting on my butt and staring at a computer screen all day long.

My gym bag and water bottle

My gym bag and water bottle

5:30 pm – Gym time

My new gym offers some really great group fitness classes. They usually start at 6 pm, so I have enough time to change and do a quick warm-up bike ride.

7:30 pm – Commute home

The traffic situation is much better at that time. I like that. A lot.

8:00 pm – Arrive at home

Finally home! I’m starving! I quickly fix myself something to eat. If I’m lucky, I have some tasty leftovers that I just need to reheat.

Pasta with eggplant tomato sauce and chickpeas

Pasta with eggplant tomato sauce and chickpeas

8:30 pm – Dinner

I normally eat my dinner on the couch while watching TV or reading blogs. Bad habit, I know. But the house feels way too quiet and lonely during the week. :/

9:00 pm – Dishes / prep work

When I’m done eating I do the dishes (still no dishwasher!), clean the kitchen, and prepare breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the next day. I also pick my outfit for the next day. My brain is mush in the morning, so I have to do all the prep work the night before.

9:30 pm – Relax / watch TV / blog stuff

Finally some down time! It feels so good to put up my feet, unwind, and do something fun. I also call my husband, who works away from home during the week.

11:00 pm – Bed time

I’m a total night owl, and often tempted to stay up until midnight reading blogs or watching YouTube videos. But I know that I need more than six hours of sleep per night to function properly.

[On non-gym days, I get home at about 6:00 pm and use the extra time to get some housework done, e.g. cleaning, laundry, batch cooking, etc.]

Looks kind of busy, right? I admit, I do feel stressed sometimes. I love my new gym and I know that exercise is important for my physical and mental health, but on gym days I feel like I don’t get anything done. Also, I make most of my food from scratch and hardly ever eat out during the week. That means I need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

I’m still looking for ways to streamline this process, like cleaning and batch cooking on Sundays, but that also means sacrificing several hours of my weekend, precious time that I’d rather spend with my husband.

This schedule is one of the reasons why I took a break from blogging. Working full-time, a long commute, regular exercise, preparing nutritious food, and caring for my family leaves very little free time. But I’m determined to fit it all in. There has to be a way!

Please share your time management tips, meal planning ideas, and quick, plant-based recipes! I really need all the help I can get!

How do you ‘fit it all in’?

See you!

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What’s that?! A blog post?!? Yeah, I’m surprised, too. 😉

My summer was awesome and I had so much fun, but I’ve really been missing this whole blogging game. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to find the time and inspiration to write a post, but I definitely want to get back into the blogging groove.

Let’s start with some seasonal and not so seasonal food! Here are some of the things I ate yesterday:

2013-10-22_Breakfast_SandwichesAs you can see, my breakfast routine hasn’t changed at all. I’m still enjoying some whole grain sandwiches with various toppings and fillings. And cucumber sticks! Local cucumbers will soon be gone, so I’m eating as many as I can.

2013-10-22_Lunch_SaladI still have salads for lunch, less often than in Summer, but still. The addition of chickpeas, brown rice, and mixed seeds turned this salad into a rather filling meal.

2013-10-22_Dinner_Potato_GoulashThis dish was a spontaneous, random creation. I call it potato goulash. Smoked tofu was used to replace the meat component of traditional goulash. I love simple soups and stews. Just throw some stuff into a pot, let it all cook for a while, season to taste, done!

2013-10-22_Chocolate_MarzipanMy beloved Mon Cheri cherry chocolates are back! They are not available during summer, so I’m always very excited about their return in fall. Those chocolate covered marzipan sticks were a new find. I really like them! They are not as sweet as most other marzipan candy.

What (not so) seasonal foods have you enjoyed lately?

See you!

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