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I can’t live without chocolate. Believe me, I’ve tried, but it didn’t work. Life would be so sad without little treats once in a while. Or every day. I’ll never be a perfect clean eater, whatever that means anyway, and I’m trying hard to not feel guilty about it.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on getting my chocolate fix in a healthier way, instead of grabbing an overly sweet, highly processed candy bar.

Here’s what I ate last Saturday, and a few chocolate-y snack ideas.


Chocolate for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do! Last week I made a small batch of my faux Nutella, which I normally use as a dip for fruit, but it’s equally delicious as a sandwich spread. Especially when it’s paired with strawberry jam. Heaven on a plate!


My monthly Foodie Penpals box arrived on Saturday morning. Wheee! The first thing I tried was a BBQ salt mix. I put some oil into a pan, added cooked chickpeas and a generous dash of said BBQ salt, and roasted it all for a few minutes. Finally, I poured the BBQ chickpeas on top of my lunch salad. They were amazing! Salty, smokey, warm, and crunchy, reminding me of bacon bits. Okay, after being a vegetarian for more than six years I hardly remember what bacon tastes like, but you get the picture.

My full Foodie Penpals reveal post will go online later this week.


I’ve been craving potatoes for quite a while, so I finally bought a (huge) bag last week, and made a big bowl of Bavarian potato salad. This is my favorite kind, because it’s dressed with a broth and vinegar mix instead of heavy mayonnaise. I served the potato salad with vegan fish fingers, (soy) yogurt sauce, and a sliced tomato.


My husband often eats the same meals that I do, but sometimes I make a separate dinner for him. When he’s home on weekends, he always craves Korean comfort food. In this case, he had spicy stir-fried pork belly with (very ripe) kimchi and rice. He loved it.

Those who enjoy meat and spices can find a similar recipe here.


Back to the original topic – chocolate! I love having a smoothie as a sweet snack or dessert, and very often I add some unsweetened cocoa powder before blending. My favorite smoothie base is bananas, frozen berries, rice or soy milk, and a little protein powder. This mix tastes like an indulgent milk shake, but without a ton of sugar, fat, or processed ingredients.

I often make a larger batch and pour a bit of the smoothie into popsicle molds. That’s so refreshing on a hot day.


If I want a more filling snack I like to have a small bowl of muesli with rice milk. Of course I occasionally mix in a spoon of cocoa powder, too. This bowl was topped with soy yogurt and fresh blueberries. What a treat!

Banana Oat Cookies

I make a batch of these banana oatmeal cookies about once a week. They are based on a recipe from Blogilates.com. The original recipe has only two ingredients, one mashed banana and a cup of rolled oats, but I like to add a little cocoa powder and a few chocolate chips. The resulting cookies are a little less healthy, but so delicious.

Are you a chocoholic, too? What’s your favorite healthy treat?

See you!

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I had a very special kind of weekend. Saturday morning husband and I went horseback riding again. For two hours! I’m still sore in quite unusual places. After returning home, I cleaned up and headed to a friend’s birthday party. We sang and danced and chatted and goofed around all night long. Finally, I went to bed at 4 am. It was awesome!

I didn’t drink that much, but staying up so late definitely threw me off balance.

Here’s what I ate on Sunday, the day after the Party of the year.


I slept until noon, which hardly ever happens, and woke up slightly hungry. So I made myself a late but tasty open-faced sandwich.


Afterwards I was still a little hungry, so I had a small bowl of fruit muesli with rice milk and fresh blueberries on top. I still can’t get enough of all kinds of berries these days.


Thanks to my very late breakfast and filling snack, I ended up skipping lunch, which also hardly ever happens.

A few weeks ago, my husband told me that he’d be fine having bibimbap for lunch and dinner every day. So that’s what I’ve been serving him since then. I wonder when he will finally get bored with it. I’ll let you know.


While I don’t really have a favorite ice cream flavor (I order something different every time), red bean ice cream is definitely among my personal top 3, whenever it’s available. Wait, beans in ice cream?! It’s delicious, I swear! The beans tasty nutty and subtly sweet, while adding an extra dose of plant-based protein and fiber. Using beans in dessert dishes is actually quite common in many Asian countries, mostly in the form of red bean paste.


And then I was hit by a very strange late night craving for something crunchy and fruity. The solution: peanut butter and cherry jam on Finn Crisp. I love this kind of thin crispbreads, because they contain a lot of fiber, no sketchy ingredients, and have an insanely long shelf life. They stay nice and crunchy for months, even if the package has already been opened. Those crisps will definitely come along with me on my next road trip.

What is the most exotic dessert or snack you’ve ever had?

See you!

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It’s June, so theoretically it should be summer now, right? In reality, I’m still wearing my winter coat, and even put on my winter boots on Monday and Tuesday.

Let me get serious for a moment. Torrential rains have been flooding Central Europe in the past few days, including South Germany. Our families and friends are fine, but others are really struggling. Please send positive thoughts and prayers if you like.

Back to the food. The theme of the month is Sensible Snacking, definitely something I need to work on. Here’s what I ate last Saturday.


Nothing new here. I’m still loving those tiny local cucumbers. They’re so juicy, crunchy, and delicious, especially on top of my breakfast sandwiches.


An almost empty nut butter jar is always something to be happy about. Why? Because I get to make overnight oats in a jar! They don’t have to soak all night long, though, an hour or two is totally enough. This jar contained my favorite mix of oats, flax seeds, cocoa powder, cinnamon, dried cranberries, rice milk, a dash of maple syrup, and half a mashed banana.

This was a rather filling snack, perfect fuel for my planned trip to the grocery store.


Sometimes I just crave a huge bowl of salad, even if I haven’t seen the sun in days. On the side I had a few slices of toasted tomato ciabatta. After clearing that plate I went back for seconds. Yes, I can eat a lot of produce. #noshame


Last week I found a new-to-me product at our local Aldivegan fish fingers! They were surprisingly delicious! Their taste comes quite close to the original, as far as I can remember, minus the fishy part, of course. I won’t have those very often, but I think they are a great option whenever I’m hit by a random junk food craving.


One of my favorite savory snack options is a handful of those pretzel sticks. They are covered in sesame seeds instead of salt, so their sodium content is much lower. They also contain a lot less fat than most chips, and I don’t feel the urge to devour the entire package.

What’s your favorite savory snack?

See you!

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