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Food Survey

I recently came across one of those food surveys over on Laura’s blog. As I love talking about food, obviously, I decided to answer the questions, too.

Breakfast Sandwiches


1. Favorite cereal as a child?

I’ve never been a cereal fan. I’ve tried a few as a child, but always returned to bread.

2. Coffee or tea? With milk or without?

I have both almost every day, but a little more coffee than tea. And I like both plain, no milk or sugar.

3. The one food you eat most often at breakfast?

Sandwiches! I eat them almost every day. Check out my WIAW posts and you’ll see what I mean.



1. Sandwiches are generally considered a “lunch food.” If you had to choose between a grilled cheese and a peanut butter and jelly, which would you pick?

Ehm, I don’t eat sandwiches for lunch, as they are my favorite breakfast option, but currently I’d prefer peanut butter and jelly, because I’m avoiding cheese. As a child, I really loved liver pâté sandwiches. Gross, I know!

2. You can only put four ingredients in your salad (not including greens); what do you throw in the mix? Additionally, which greens and dressing do you pick?

I like to vary my salad ingredients, but I always come back to my favs: cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, usually on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, topped with a creamy tahini balsamic dressing.

3. One food you can’t live without at lunch?

The coffee afterwards, to fight off the food coma. And a piece of dark chocolate.

Pasta with marinara sauce


1. It’s the end of the day. You’re tired, hungry, and your fridge is empty.  If fast food (from a chain) is your only option, where do you go and what do you order?

That hardly ever happens, actually. I’d rather raid our well stocked pantry and/or freezer. Plus, I live in the sticks and there aren’t any fast food chain ‘restaurants’ in my little village. I’m serious! But given the choice, it would be a tie between fries and garden salad from McDonald’s and a veggie sub from Subway’s.

2. TV/computer on or off while you’re eating?

TV on, computer off. I try to focus more on my meals, but most of the time I eat alone, and I prefer some background noise.

3. The one food you eat most often at dinner?

At the moment I have some kind of blended vegetable soup a few times per week. I love a hot, smooth bowl of soup on a cold, dark fall night.

Vegan Cranberry Brownies


1. Choose between these two American desserts: cheesecake or apple pie?

Apple pie! I love fruity desserts. But if chocolate was and option, I’d have that, of course.

2. Choose between these two foreign desserts: tiramisu (Italy) or flan (Spain)?

Tiramisu! It’s a pretty popular dessert around here (I live less than 200 miles from the Italian border!), and I’ve made it countless times in many different variations. That reminds me, I haven’t had one in ages!

3. Ice cream: cone or cup?

Cup! Why waste your time with a boring waffle cone?

Your turn! Pick one or more questions and give me your answers!

See you!

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WIAW - Peas and Crayons

Last Saturday, my husband and I attended a friend’s wedding. As said friend moved away a few years ago, this included a medium-long road trip and staying at the hotel where the reception was held for one night. While I’ll jump at every chance to party with my friends, I’m glad this was probably the last wedding for a while. Those weekends are exhausting! I’m actually still tired today, so let’s get this post started.

Breakfast sandwiches

We had planned to leave rather early to arrive at the church in time, but I need several hours to make myself look appropriate for such an event, so my breakfast was a little rushed. I finished my last slice of bread while walking out of the door.

Tofu rice pockets

Thankfully, I had the brains on Friday to prepare a lunch snack for the car ride. Those are seasoned tofu packets stuffed with rice. I found them in the freezer of our favorite Korean grocery store, but I have no idea what they are called. Each pack includes 14 tofu packets, a little bag of sauce, and a little bag of dry seasonings, both for the rice. I guess they are similar to inari sushi. Anyway, those pockets are very handy and tasty, perfect road trip food. I shared them with my husband, of course.

Drinks - Hugos

Traffic wasn’t that bad, so we arrived at the church in time and enjoyed the beautiful (and short!) ceremony. Then it was time to get over to the hotel, where we were welcomed with drinks. I had my current favorite drink, called Hugo! It contains sparkling wine, sparkling water, elderflower syrup, ice, and fresh mint. Delicious!

Wedding dinner

A little later it was time for dinner, which was an epic five course meal! It started with bread and butter, followed by an amazing (!!) salad with grapefruit filets and pine nuts. Next up was pumpkin soup, which I usually love, but this one was a bit too salty for my liking. My main course was basically a sad hodge-podge of side dishes. According to the menu, there was supposed to be a separate vegetarian dish, but I guess the kitchen got lazy. Finally, our dessert was a plate of fruit salad, vanilla pudding, and chocolate mousse. The mousse was really good, the rest was just okay.

Wedding cake

After all of that food I was actually quite full, but of course I had to try a piece of wedding cake a few hours later. It was some kind of layered yellow cake with lemon cream filling and a marzipan blanket on top. It was delicious! Not as mind-blowing as our own wedding cake (Black Forrest Cherry Torte – still dreaming of it), but I’ve had worse.

Cheese platter

Believe it or not, they also served a midnight snack! I wasn’t hungry at all, but wanted something to counteract all that sugary stuff, so I nibbled on some cheese, tomatoes, and pickled cauliflower. I haven’t had cheese in quite a while, so this was a really indulgent treat.

Good grief, that is a lot of food in one day! I tried to dance off some of the calories I consumed, but I don’t think it worked that well. The theme for September was Fall Into Good Habits. Well, I kind of did the opposite thing. With several parties and subsequent hangovers, my food choices have been far from healthy. So my goal for the rest of the fall is getting back onto the proverbial wagon, which means getting enough sleep, choosing foods that make me feel good, watching my portions, and exercising two or three times per week.

Ok, let’s do this!

Have you been to any crazy parties lately?

See you!

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WIAW - Peas and Crayons

I really needed several days to recover from those bachelorette shenanigans. I obviously can’t party like I used to, like in my high school or college days. Sigh!

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Anyways, after boring you to death with my repetitive breakfasts week after week, I finally decided to try something new last Sunday: pancakes! Vegan apple cinnamon pancakes from the book Peas and Thank You, to be exact. I had mine with some soy yogurt and apple sauce on the side. They were delicious! And even my husband liked them! We inhaled the entire batch, and were full for several hours. You totally can’t tell that they are vegan and contain no eggs. Amazing! Making pancakes is a little time-consuming, but I will definitely make them again, on a leisurely Sunday.

Tofu stew - Jigae

Lunch was leftovers from the night before: vegan jigae with brown rice. One day I need to post the recipe of this all-time family favorite, but I always just wing it, and it does taste a little different each time. Bad blogger, I know!

Sticky rice cake

I wanted to bake a sweet treat for my husband and I, to munch on during the week, and when I found a pack of frozen chestnuts at Saturday’s shopping trip, I spontaneously decided to make a batch of sticky rice cake. I made a vegan version by using a mix of soy and coconut milk.  I’m afraid there were some typos in my recipe, as the batter was way too thin at first. I simply added more flour until the consistency was right, but I guess I need to revise the recipe again. They were delicious, though, and I had devoured my portion (about two-thirds of the batch were given to my husband), by Monday night. Ahem.

Tofu with potato salad

Last week I had bought a big container of potato salad at our local Aldi. I was feeling lazy and decided to just give it a try. It was pretty good, actually. Did I mention that it was a two lbs container? It took me a few days, but in the end I did finish it all. For Sunday’s dinner I also made a batch of pan-fried tofu, bulgogi style. I mixed up a quick sauce and let the tofu soak up all the goodness for a few hours in the fridge, than pan-fried them until crispy. I even measured the ingredients and took notes, so there might be a recipe coming soon.

Another very random day, food-wise. I’ll try to post a few recipes of the things I eat regularly. This is what bloggers do, right? But probably after that madness called September is over. Deep breath!

What dish could you or do you eat all the time? Me: fried rice!

See you!

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WIAW - Peas and Crayons

On Saturday, a bunch of my best friends and I went to Munich to have a crazy-awesome bachelorette party. Thank goodness this series isn’t called What I Drank Wednesday. Oh my.

I knew this was going to be a very long day/night, so proper fueling was the top priority.

Breakfast Sandwiches

The usual sandwiches for breakfast. What else.

Toast and oats

After taking a shower and packing my stuff (we stayed at a hotel for one night) I wasn’t really hungry, but I knew that the next real meal would be dinner at around 8pm, so I had a light, but filling, lunch: oats in a jar and toast.

After kissing my husband goodbye I was on my way. We all, including the bride-to-be, met at our hotel to drop off our stuff and put on embarrassing T-shirts. The first item on the agenda was a sightseeing tour on an open bus, fueled by plenty of wine and prosecco. You should know that I hardly ever drink alcohol, so I’m a total lightweight. It was only 5pm and I was already slightly drunk.

Side note: I become extremely silly when I’m drunk. It’s embarrassing.

Pine nut bread

Our next planned activity included drinking games at a nearby park. Thankfully, we passed a bakery on the way, so I quickly bought a small piece of bread to soak up all that booze in my stomach. It contained some pine nuts and was quite delicious, just a bit bland.

Nuts and pretzels

As we arrived at the (beautiful!) park, the aforementioned drinking games began. Luckily, the bridesmaids also brought some snacks. I had a few pretzels, some unpictured chocolate, and way too many nuts. And more booze, of course. This party was getting quite funny, and all before sunset.


Spaghetti napoli

Next up was dinner at totally cute Italian restaurant. Finally some real food! I was torn between pizza and pasta and decided to order spaghetti Napoli (with tomato sauce) and a small side salad at the very last moment. The pasta was good, but apparently I was still quite full from all the nuts, so I only ate half of it. I washed it all down with a pint of water and a double espresso.

Right after dinner we moved on (yeah, we moved a lot) to a cocktail bar. I chickened out and ordered a mock-tail, followed by a light prosecco based drink called Hugo. Both were really good, and I finally sobered up a little.

Our last destination was a night club that plays only rock and metal music. I didn’t take any pictures as it was way too dark, and I was busy whipping my hair around.

At around 3am we decided to pack up and leave, and at 4pm I was finally lying in my hotel bed. Goodness, what a day!

As the corresponding wedding is in less than two weeks, my goal for the rest of the month is survival.

Do you drink alcohol? If yes, does it affect your behaviour?

See you!

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WIAW - Peas and Crayons

Well, hello September! This month is a very special one for me, as it is the month of my wedding anniversary! Almost exactly one year ago, I tied the knot with my Mr. Right. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the lovey-dovey. 😉

To celebrate our first anniversary, we had a little party on Saturday, with a few of our best friends. And here’s what I ate that day.

Breakfast Sandwiches

No, this is not a recycled photo, I really have the same breakfast every day. Oh well, other people enjoy their daily oatmeal.
Carrot sticks with tomato saladI wasn’t very hungry at noon, so I just had some tahini crusted carrot fries and tomato salad.
Banana and chocolateI have at least one banana every day. Can’t help it, I just love them. The one pictured above was perfect. Bananas need to be spotty! And I also enjoyed a small piece of my favorite chocolate. I get it from Aldi, either the 70% or 85% version.
Korean dinnerParty time! As usual, the husband and I prepared a Korean style dinner, which means tons of side dishes (banchan). Above you see, from left to right, omelette roll, seaweed salad, black soy beans, spare ribs (sorry!), mung bean sprout salad, kimchi, leek pancakes, marinated tofu, and carrot zucchini pancakes. Needless to say, we were stuffed!
Fruit Salad

But I know that my friends and I like something sweet for dessert. To keep things healthy and light, I whipped up a giant fruit salad. It contained honeydew melon, nectarines, apples, and grapes.

The theme for this month is falling into good habits. One of my goals for September is enjoying lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables. My current favorites are Hokkaido squash, apples, and damson plums. They will surely make an appearance in my next posts.

Are you looking forward to fall already?

See you!

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