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It all started with a slightly sore throat on Thursday night, turned into an all out cold over the weekend, and I’m still coughing and sneezing today. Dammit!

I’ve always envied the people who lose their appetite when they are sick. I’m the complete opposite. Whenever I feel sick, my appetite gets out of control. I want to eat everything in sight!

Breakfast SandwichOn Saturday, I woke up HANGRY. So I quickly made myself some toasties, one topped with peanut butter and tomatoes, the other one with pink (!) beet root and horseradish spread and sliced radishes. Pretty, isn’t it?

Oats in a jar

Sadly, my breakfast failed to fill me up, so I had breakfast #2 shortly after, another slice of toast, and some oats in a jar with raisins and apple sauce. Much better!


For lunch I had, once again, a big colorful salad. It included chopped up romaine, quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and radishes. I topped it all with a tangy, creamy tahini dressing and some water cress. A perfect summer lunch, in my opinion.

Veggie Burger

The husband spontaneously decided to make himself some burgers, so I had to improvise and create a veggie burger for myself. After browsing through a few recipes online, I whipped up a kidney bean quinoa burger. I wasn’t bad, for a first attempt, but tasted a little bland. I need to work on that.

This week’s edition of the Sensible Snacking series is dedicated to my ever-present sweet tooth.

Berry Smoothie

My favorite ice cream alternative is blended frozen fruit. The mix above contained mixed frozen berries, frozen banana, soy milk, and vanilla protein powder. The result was a cool and creamy dessert-like snack, but without all the saturated fat, refined sugar, and chemical additives.

Banana & Nutella

Another tasty and healthy snack option is sliced fruit with nut butter, in this case I had banana slices topped with chocolate peanut butter. It was so good, I have no words.

Toast Germany

I just had to! The German flag on toast! Chocolate peanut butter, strawberry jam, and peach jam. Go, Team Germany! (I’m talking about the soccer Euro Cup, of course.)

What are your favorite sweet healthy snacks?

See you!

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Recently, my weekday routine has changed quite a bit. For the past year and a half, my husband was working from home, so he was on dinner duty during the week. But now he has taken up a new project for which he has to travel a lot. That means that I have to make dinner myself again, after coming home from a long day at the office. I know, I’ve been spoiled!

I’m still trying to optimize that whole weekday dinner process. One of my favorite strategies so far is preparing a big batch of grains, soups, stews, and salad dressings, and put the leftovers in the fridge or freezer, to feast on later.

But before I get my new routine figured out, I’m going to show you what I ate last Saturday.


This is still my favorite weekend breakfast: whole wheat bread with peanut butter, veggies, and cherry preserves. Not all on the same slice, of course.

Quinoa & Salad

Summer heat is in full force, so I’m craving lots of cold dishes. For Saturday’s lunch I mixed some quinoa with sweet corn, edamame, kidney beans, and ajvar, and served it with a side salad.

Rice & Mandu

While I do try to make most of my meals from scratch, I also enjoy some pre-made food, like those frozen mandu (Korean vegetable dumplings). I paired them with brown rice, steamed broccoli, and black beans, and called it dinner.

Hardly any day goes by without a snack. Three square meals are just not enough for me. But I do try to choose healthy, filling snack options. At least most of the time.

Fruit Salad

I just love fruit salad! I simply chop up all the fruit I can find in my kitchen, add some lemon juice, maybe a squirt of agave syrup, and a dash of cinnamon, and top it all with (soy) yogurt and/or granola.

Chocolate Rice Cake

A while ago I discovered chocolate covered rice cakes. They are amazing! Paired with a cup of coffee they are a great afternoon pick-me-up, when fruit won’t satisfy my cravings.

Chocolate Banana Bites

It’s a miracle that I managed to snap a picture of this frozen chocolate banana bite. I made a small batch and inhaled it instantly. The combination of chocolate and banana has always had a special place in my heart.

Did you notice something? Everything in this post is vegan! I don’t want to label myself as a full-time vegan (yet?), but I still enjoy mostly plant-based foods, when I make something for myself.

Please, share your favorite summer time snacks! Healthy or indulgent or both!

See you!

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Back in January I got the chance to finally try a Zumba class. For a few weeks I had so much fun, but then I decided to take a break to focus on training for my spring race. This class appears to be extremely popular, so I won’t be able to get back into it until late September!

Fortunately, I recently found out that there is another class not too far from where I live. A few weeks ago I gave that class a try, and was surprised to find that those two classes have a lot in common, but are also a little different in some aspects.

Zumba Fitness


My first class was tought by a young man named Mario, the second one is hosted by Lynroy. Both are certified Zumba instructors, so a lot of the songs and moves were quite similar. But their professional backgrounds are totally different! While Mario is a ballroom dance instructor, Lynroy is a former kickboxing champion and also teaches kickboxing to adults and children. So it’s no surprise that their teaching styles are quite different.

Mario usually introduces new moves by explaining them thoroughly and doing them half-time, and often shouts commandos and gives lots of nonverbal cues. Lynroy just goes through the whole choreography at normal speed, and you have to figure out the moves by yourself. I’d say that Mario’s class is more beginner friendly, while Lynroy’s class is probably more suitable for advanced Zumba students.

All the differences aside, both classes are fun and sweaty. Very sweaty. I slightly prefer Mario’s teaching style and personality (he’s such a  goofball!), but I’ll surely come to Lynroy’s class again, whenever I feel like shaking my hips.

Have you ever tried Zumba? Did you like it?

See you!

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On Monday I had to get back to work, after 16 wonderfully lazy days, my so-called staycation. Being back at the office also means packing enough food for 10 to 12 hours away from home. I don’t eat right away in the morning, because my stomach needs at least one hour to wake up, and I try to leave the house as early as possible to avoid traffic. That means I pack breakfast, lunch, and several snacks every single day!

Lunch Box and Snacks

I always prepare my food the night before and put everything in the fridge, so that I just have to grab my boxes in the morning. Breakfast is always some kind of sandwich, often paired with cucumber sticks or cherry tomatoes. Lunch is usually either leftovers from the night before or a big, filling salad (here are some great tips on how to build a meal-sized salad).

My snacks tend to be more varied. I always pack some fresh fruit, like bananas, apples, or whatever is in season at the moment (strawberries!). Home-made baked goods like bizookies (I renamed them ‘raisin bombs’), soy yogurt, granola, and dark chocolate complete the assortment. I normally don’t eat all of that in one day, but I like to have options.

Meatless chili

I know this looks familiar. I made a big batch of meatless chili last week and froze one serving. When I came home on Monday night, I simply peeled and cut some potatoes to make oven fries, and reheated the chili. Dinner is served!

Today I want to show you some of my favorite emergency snacks.

Trail Mix & Chocolate Soy Milk

I like to keep a bag of trail mix and a pack of chocolate soy milk in my car, for those moments when I’m hangry but still quite far away from home, like after a sweaty gym session. Coconut water is also a great post-workout treat, but I don’t buy it that often, as it doesn’t really fill me up.

Do you also keep food in your car or purse? What are your favorite post-workout snacks?

See you!

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It’s sad but true, my two-week staycation is already over, and I have to get back to work tomorrow. That also means, that the Vegan Challenge hosted by Blogilates.com is now over, too!

Soup and Salad

As I mentioned in my last post, I felt very good during this challenge. As I’m already a vegetarian, I only had to cut out eggs, dairy, and honey, which was surprisingly easy. Until Saturday afternoon, when I was invited to a birthday party and was confronted with lots of amazing looking cake. I couldn’t resist! So my flirt with veganism only lasted for 12 instead of 14 days. Oh well. That’s still a personal record for me!

Apple Streusel Coffee Cake

So, will I go back to eating eggs and dairy? Yes, I will. I really loved the way I felt on an exclusively plant-based diet, and I do plan to keep most of my meals and snacks vegan, but I want to have more options when I eat out or when I’m visiting friends or family. Being a vegetarian in rural South Germany is already quite challenging, and being 100% vegan is almost impossible around here, in my opinion, especially if you have a weakness for cake and ice cream like I do.

Blueberry Smoothie

Did I lose any weight on that challenge? Not really, maybe one pound, if even. I didn’t follow the meal plan at all, and ate lots of peanut butter. But that’s ok! I’m mostly happy with my weight and wanted to enjoy my staycation to the fullest, instead of restricting my calories in any way.

All in all, I’m happy that I got to participate in this challenge. It was a great reminder that I do feel best on a mostly plant-based diet.

See you!

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