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I’m currently enjoying a nice and short 3-day work week. Thursday is a holiday around here, so I decided to also take Friday off of work, to get an extra long weekend.

By now you should be familiar with my habit of using Friday’s lunch break to go for a run. But as I won’t be at work this Friday, I moved the Lunch Break Run to Tuesday. Too bad, my usual running buddies couldn’t make it, so I had to run alone. I think I’ve never ran alone during lunch break! It felt a bit weird, I have to admit.

The weather forecast had predicted rain showers and thunder storms for today, but when I left the building I was greeted by bright sunshine. What?! It was freaking hot out there! I surely didn’t expect that.

The Stats:

  • Distance: 3.6 miles (5,8 km)
  • Time: 39:30 minutes
  • Average pace: 10:58 min/mile
  • Feeling: Hot!

This was my fastest run in weeks! I’ve already been worried that I had lost my running mojo somewhere after my 5k race, but I guess it’s back.

Of course I have plans to get lots of sweating on during my long weekend. I’ll keep you posted.

See you!

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Rainy Friday

After the scorching heat the past few days, I’m welcoming the rain and some cooler temperatures. Who would’ve thought?

So, I ran yesterday, in the rain. And it was fun! I actually also ran on Monday and Wednesday (go me!), but those runs turned out to be perfect copies of Friday’s run, so I didn’t write about them.

Back to today. It’s been raining since last night, so I decided to dig out my old rain jacket, that’s about two sizes too big. Whatever. Co-worker and Lunch Break running buddy Alex talked me into running a bit longer yesterday. About 20 minutes into our run I still felt very good, so I agreed.

The Stats:

  • Distance: 4.6 miles (7,4 km)
  • Time: 52:30 minutes
  • Average pace: 11:24 min/mile
  • Feeling: Soaked (TWSS?)

I think that’s a new distance record! Plus, I ran the whole time, without taking any walking breaks. Woohoo!

After my 5k race, I ended up in some kind of workout funk. Maybe the unexpected heat wave was also part of the problem. But whatever it was, it seems to be over. Ha!

Have a nice weekend!

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No, I’m not talking about the end of the world, but the end of my own personal Hell Week. Work has been crazy lately, and I’m obviously not taking it very well. I tried to run on Wednesday, but had to quit after less than two miles, as I was starting to feel dizzy. That has never happened before! Thursday night I planned to go to my Pilates class, but instead I fell asleep on the couch and woke up two hours later! The same thing happened on Friday, but this time I slept for four hours!

But I did squeeze in a run yesterday, though. Not my best, but considering the heat and my current condition I’m glad that I finished it.

The Stats:

  • Distance: 3.1 miles (5 km)
  • Time: 35:00 minutes
  • Average pace: 11:17 min/mile
  • Feeling: Tough

Now I’m off to a friend’s wedding. She’s the first among my group of girls, so of course we’ll go all out. Personally, I’m not a fan of those huge fairy tale weddings, but I’ll try to have a great time, anyway. Let’s hope they have some good booze and a decent band!

Have a great weekend!

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You might have noticed a new icon on the right hand side, the one that reads “Tough As Nails”. Now, what’s this all about? Today marks the start of the PLANKS #Fitblog Challenge.

As we are supposed to design our own plan, that we will follow for the next six weeks, here’s what I’m going to do:

  • I will work on my planks 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • Each time I will try to increase my time by 10 seconds
  • In my initial test I could hold the plank for 1 min
  • My end goal is 4 minutes

Day one was already a success, I held the plank for 1:10 minutes! Let’s see if I can keep up with my plan.

Note: I’m not a fitness professional, so I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. But you can find some great tips, given by a real expert, over at Morgan’s blog Life After Bagels!

See you!

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I’ve been slacking a bit the past few days. On Monday I started a new project at work and it’s probably the toughest one ever. My brain cells were fried every day, so I usually just passed out on the couch after dinner.

But today, as the sun was shining through the windows, my body was craving a run. Isn’t that just crazy? Running has really become a habit for me, something I miss after a few rest days. Who would have thought?!

I decided to take it easy today, and I also wanted to take a different route. I usually don’t like that one, as it contains a really cruel hill around the half way point, but today I wanted to conquer it.

The Stats:

  • Distance: 3.1 miles (5 km)
  • Time: 34:20 minutes
  • Average pace: 11:04 min/mile
  • Feeling: Relaxed

Not that bad for taking it easy. Plus, it was the first run in a long time without any side stitches! Let’s hope that this trend will last!

Have a great weekend!

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Now that I’ve successfully finished my first 5k, it’s time for a new goal. I want to run a 10k this fall! I also know which one I’d like to do, but I won’t sign up until I’m sure that I’m ready.

After vegging out on the couch over the weekend I just had to run today. Time to increase the distance!

The Stats:

  • Distance: 4.5 miles (7,2 km)
  • Time: 53:40 minutes
  • Average pace: 11:55 min/mile
  • Feeling: Exhausted

This was my longest run so far, but also the slowest in quite a while. You can’t have it all, right?

See you!

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Sorry for being absent for the past few days! Lately I’ve been stuck in some kind of writer’s block, but I’m hoping to get out of it soon. I do have a few recipes I want to share with you!

A few weeks ago my company got an invitation to the Munich Airport Race (info in German). This race is not open for everyone, instead the companies located at or close to the airport get invitations. That also means that there is no entry fee! I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a race yet, but my co-workers/Lunch Break running buddies insisted that we had to do it as a team. So I signed up for the 5k. Yikes!

So last Friday was The Day! My race was scheduled to start at around 2:30 pm, so I had plenty of time to sleep in – I took the day off of work – and fuel properly.

Breakfast - Fried egg and Tofurky (sort of)

I decided that I also needed a light lunch to hold me over until the start of my race.

Lunch #1 - Toast with butter and apple syrup

When we arrived at the airport at around 1 pm it became clear that this race was not a small one! About 850 people were running either the half marathon, the 12k, or the 5k. And there were lots of booths that sold sports related gear or offered free stuff like water, fruit, juice, ice cream, etc. As I have quite a sensitive stomach, especially when running, I only had water. Lots of water, as it was already quite hot out there.

I was roaming around for a while, chatting with co-workers, sipping some more water, cheering on the long distance runners that started before the 5k runners, until it was finally time to line up. I made myself comfortable at the end of the pack, right before the walkers.

A few moments before the start

You won’t find me in that picture, I was way back, far behind the fast guys. And then we were off!

The 5k course was an out-and-back course, unfortunately without mile markers, so I had to estimate my pace. I was determined to run at my own pace, so when some runners started to pass me, I did not try to chase them. My goal for this race was to run the entire course and to finish strong. Secretly I also hoped to beat my personal best and finish in under 32 minutes. As this course was flat as a pancake, I was quite optimistic to reach all of my goals.

Despite the heat I felt really good during the whole race. I pushed myself hard, but not too hard, to save my breath for a strong finish. And I even had fun! At the turning point my stop watch showed 16 minutes, so I was still on track. When there was about one mile left, I gradually started to speed up, as I was still feeling strong. And I even passed a few people! As soon as I could see the finish line, I began to sprint. I really wanted to give it all I had, to have no regrets later on.

A few seconds after crossing the finish line - gasping for air

Official time: 31:06 minutes!!

I just can’t tell you how proud I am of myself and my very first medal! Isn’t it pretty?

Check out my new bling!

Lovely fresh cold juice

After cooling down and chilling with some fresh juice and a slice of watermelon, it was time to join my co-workers for (free!) lunch number two.

Drowned but yummy baked potato with salad

After watching the award ceremony – oh my, some of the runners were freaking fast! – it was finally time to go home. And have a much-needed shower. A few hours later my post run appetite kicked it, so I made a quick dinner.

Friday night = Pasta night

I really had an awesome day and enjoyed the race much more than I had expected! I will definitely do more races in the near future, aiming for a 10k this fall, and maybe even a half marathon next year? We will see.

Have a great week, folks!

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