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A Chilly Sunday

To be honest, today’s run was not good. Not at all! I’m really not happy with it. I’m starting to wonder if I will ever get faster. Am I making any progress? I don’t know, but I’ll be patient and keep going. That’s all I can do at the moment.

The Stats:

  • Distance: 2.6 miles (4.2 km)
  • Time: 34:18 minutes
  • Average pace: 13:10 min/mile
  • Feeling: Grumpy

I just hope that the next run will be better.

See you!

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Hello Snow!

Remember my last post about facing my fears? Well, yesterday was another great opportunity to conquer one of them. We had the first snow this season! It’s not that much really, but the roofs and streets are clearly white. Nice! But also cold, around 30°F, maybe even less. Yikes!

Yesterday my co-worker Alex and I went on our usual Friday Lunch Break Run.

The Stats:

  • Distance: 3.125 miles (5 km)
  • Time: 38:30 minutes
  • Average pace: 12:20 min/mile
  • Feeling: Muddy

Once again we went to our favorite trail along the riverside. I didn’t notice that my calfs were covered in mud until we returned. 😉

During the first 5 minutes I was really cold, but then my body started to warm up. The warmth didn’t reach my legs, though, they stayed cold throughout the entire run. Bummer! Need to get some warmer pants. Or maybe just wear some roomy fleece pants on top? I’ll give it a try.

As it was so cold and muddy – didn’t want to slip and fall and hurt myself! – I decided to take it slow. But when I calculated my average pace afterwards, I found out that I wasn’t that slow at all! Great!

Today will be a rest day. Our plans are: going to a local Christmas market, having some mulled wine, and enjoying a beautiful sunny winter day.

Have a nice weekend!

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Face Your Fears!

There are quite a few things I fear when it comes to running: cold weather, wind, rain, snow, darkness …

I’m determined to conquer them all, one by one!

When I came home from work today, it was already dark, around 35° F, with a light drizzle. And I got out of the house for a run! It was very short, but today’s run was not about distance or time, it was about facing my fears. And I did it!

The Stats:

  • Distance: 1.9 miles
  • Time: 24:30 minutes
  • Average pace: 12:45 min/mile
  • Feeling: Freezing


So, what have I learned today?

  • Running in cold weather is not as bad as I thought.
  • No run or workout is too short.

See you!

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Sunday Dash

Seriously, it is so hard to get off of my beloved couch and out of the door, but when I return I always feel so good! Could someone please kick my booty from time to time? I guess I need it. 😉

Today the boyfriend joined me. He’s a lot faster than me, so I gave my all to keep up with him. It was tough, but it kind of worked!

The Stats:

  • Distance: 2.8 miles
  • Time: 34:30 minutes
  • Average pace: 12:20 min/mile
  • Feeling: Sweaty

Now I’ll have a gorgeous hot bubble bath. It’s freaking cold out there!

See you!

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Friday Crash

TGIF! I had planned to run or do some yoga today, but when I came home from work this afternoon, I passed out on the couch. When I finally woke up it was nearly 7 p.m. and I was getting hungry. So I made dinner and called it a day.

Last week was a tough one, work was crazy and I had to go to the dentist twice. Not fun! Thankfully I have a relaxing weekend coming up, so things will get better.

I want to leave with my latest favorite song. It’s kind of weird but also kind of funny. Enjoy!

See you!

(P.S. If you are wondering what language that is, it’s an Austrian dialect. I hardly understand it myself! 😉 )

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