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Ok, I have to confess: I took a whole week off of working out. Eek!

Wait, let me explain! I’ve had a horrible cold, the worst and longest I’ve had in years. But finally I feel a lot better, I can breathe normally and don’t have a sore throat and constant headache anymore. Yeah!

I can’t wait to get out to run again! But not today. It was pouring out there! So I just did one of my workout dvds. It felt so great to work my muscles again. I even started to sweat a little. I’d say I’m back!

For now I’ll leave you with a teaser for my next post:


Hint: It’s a recipe!

See you!

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Today’s dinner was inspired by a recipe from one of my favourite blogs, Peas and Thank You. I tried Mama Pea‘s Minestrone Soup, or rather “Minnie”strone Soup. 😉

I just can’t stick to a recipe, even if my life depended on it, so I had to make some subtle changes: I added a generous pinch of sugar, slightly reduced the veggie broth, and cooked the pasta separately. The result looked like this:

I served it with some pesto and parmesan:


Verdict: Absolutely delicious! This recipe is a keeper.

Check out Mama Pea’s other recipes, they are healthy, vegan and so yummy! And the stories about her family are simply hilarious!

See you!

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The Day I Got Lost

Tonight after work I went out to run/walk 3 miles. But I ended up running 4.2 miles. In short, Google Maps tricked me and I got lost. Oops.

The Stats:

  • Distance: 4.2 miles
  • Time: 57 minutes
  • Feeling: Lost

I took some walking breaks, mainly on uphill parts, but overall I felt pretty good. I went slow but steady. But this distance is to long for me in my current state.  I’m still a total beginner! So next time I’ll stick with the planned 3 miles. Let’s just hope I won’t get lost again. 😉

My legs are starting to get sore. Will I still be able to walk tomorrow? We will see.

Tomorrow night it’s yoga-time again, that will surely be good for my tortured legs.

See you!

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